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We are state qualified to teach in schools
Fingerprinted and background checked through the FBI and NJ State Police


Pediatric Martial Arts (PMA) has been offering traditional martial arts instruction since 1995 in special needs schools throughout New Jersey. Under the strict supervision of Master Paul Del Sordo, students are guided through a proprietary, multidisciplinary methodology which brings immediate, measurable results.

In addition to school instruction, PMA consults martial artists and therapists worldwide in efforts to provide these same opportunities to children and adults worldwide.

Virtual programs available.


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We provide unique, unprecedented services to schools or facilities where education and therapies are being provided. Working closely with directors, principals, therapists’ or supervisors of therapy; to tailor programs for students pre-k through 21 with a variety of special needs. Classes are instructed live or virtual during school hours in conjunction with the student’s therapies and/or PE Class. This program has become increasingly popular with Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and Behaviorists as we work closely together in a fun, motivational atmosphere. Because of the program’s proven, therapeutic value, it has become inclusive in most student IEP’s.



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We provide a structured, traditional martial arts program for children of all ages in a typical school setting. Our educators are faced with serious issues surrounding the safety and well-being of our children inside as well as outside of school. A traditional martial arts program will bring awareness, increased self-confidence, self-esteem, structure and discipline to our children. Be the first in your school district to introduce a program to the children that actually builds character, strength, awareness and good citizens.




Our programs continue into the ESY as most schools continue to need services. Historically the months of July and August are filled with activities in adaptive schools, and we are right there alongside providing the same excellent service for the children! This is a great way to “test the waters” with one of our programs before committing during the school year.





Many PTO’s seek short term services either during the school day or after school. Our programs are adapted and tailored to the group’s needs. All programs are instructed in a disciplined, safe, fun and well-structured manner.


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Group home and on site instruction for adults is a unique alternative to transporting people to an outside facility for exercise and wellness. This could be done live at your facility, or virtually from ours! Knowing many adults have increased anxiety when leaving their residence or changing their routine; it makes perfect sense to bring instruction to them! Maintaining familiar faces in a group is the key to a successful program. Our goal is to get everyone actively involved by exercising in their own familiar environment.


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In our increasingly stressful society, on site corporate wellness has become a unique alternative to going to the gym after work. Many companies provide work out areas and small gyms on site encouraging their staff to remain healthy. Physical exercise improves your mood because it increases serotonin production. Increased serotonin levels in the brain works as a natural antidepressant. A custom designed program inclusive of stretching, breathing techniques and light martial arts applications is the perfect answer!


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Martial Arts Instructors, Fitness Instructors, Dance Instructors, YMCA, Community Centers, Therapists, Yoga Instructors: As business professionals, in order to increase and sustain our current clientele; we always seek new ideas that enhance or complement our services. Adaptive and typical Martial Arts programs for children is perfect to include at your location because of its therapeutic approach. This program is generic and can be adapted to any martial arts discipline, so if you currently teach martial arts then this program would be tailored to your specific needs. Your staff can be trained to deliver an outstanding martial arts program under you own control, or you can hire outside instructors like ours to teach. Adaptive Martial Arts programs are extremely rare because many business owners aren’t versed in adaptive concepts. We can provide you with the resources to expand your current business and increase your sales almost immediately. The best part about this is the amazing warmth that working with a special needs child brings to your heart! If your wish is to grow your business, then call today!

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