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Little Del's is a structured, fun martial arts program brought right into your school live or virtually! 

Students are guided through a  multidisciplinary approach which brings immediate, measurable results. Awareness, self confidence, self esteem, strength, balance, acuity and social skills are only a few of the many benefits our martial arts program provides.

Virtual programs available.

Several schools include us in a child's IEP because of the programs theraputic value ! Therepist's engage with the child right in our class !


*all instructors have been First Aid and CPR certified, and fingerprinted for your child's saftey*


We offer developing pre-schoolers an opportunity to have lots of fun in a structured, educational and physical group setting. We focus on activities that improve; focus, patience, self regulaton, balance and listening skills. 


These and much more are incorporated into a 30-minute class that channels your tot's energy and excitement into personal growth and maturity.


We provide a structured, traditional martial arts program for children of all ages in a school setting.  A traditional martial arts program will provide your child with increased self-confidence, self-esteem, structure and discipline in their lives.  


Be the first in your school district to introduce a program to the children that actually builds character, strength, awareness and good citizens.

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